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  1. Strategic plan for the national program in the fight against AIDS 1999 - 2002

    The process for the formulation of this Strategic Plan against STIs/HIV/AIDS for 2000 - 2002 began in July 1998 with a seminar that involved ministerial representatives, NGOs, churches and private and public corporations. Having identified points of contact in the different sectors mentioned above, three other meetings were conducted. This meeting was the last step in this multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary involvement. …

  2. Ghana HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework 2001-2005

    The National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework for Ghana has been formulated in recognition of the developmental relevance of the disease. It is an issue that requires a holistic, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary response to confront it and bring it under control. Ghana, by this document and the bold initiatives therein outlined, has joined the global community in a united effort to combat the epidemic.Over the years, the incidence of HIV/AIDS has increased steadily and has almost reached epidemic proportions in the country. …

  3. Gender and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: the cases of Uganda and Malawi

    This report discusses the gender dimensions of the impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on Uganda and some reference to Malawi. The Ugandan Government has, from early on in its recognition of HIV/AIDS as a serious health, social and economic problem for the country, been relatively open about the scale of the problem and has allowed considerable indigenous and foreign research into HIV/AIDS. As a result there is substantially more material on HIV/AIDS in Uganda than any other African country. …

  4. Draft national HIV/AIDS and STI policy document

    This HIV/AIDS and STIs policy document provides the necessary statement of policy committment for which a legislative framework shall be built for the protection of people infected with HIV/AIDS and in creating an expanded multi-sectoral response to combat any further spread of the epidemic in Ghana.

  5. Botswana National Policy on HIV/AIDS

    The first case of AIDS in Botswana was identified in 1985, and it is estimated that significant spread of HIV in the country started in the mid-1980's. Since then the spread of the virus in the population has been explosive, starting in the urban and peri-urban areas, and rapidly expanding to rural localities. HIV seroprevalence studies among pregnant women in 1997 showed a high prevalence of 42.9

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