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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Junior secondary syllabus: Sesotho

    The contents of this syllabus is in Sesotho language except for the title and first page, which states: "Beware !!! Sharing blades, toothbrushes and needles can give you HIV". Page 32 mentions HIV and AIDS " Mafu a tsoaetsanoang - a likobo HIV and AIDS Mokaola."

  2. Junior certificate history syllabus

    This history syllabus is designed for junior schools in Lesotho and is made for three forms (A, B and C) corresponding to the grades of junior school. Forms A and B do not mention HIV and AIDS. …

  3. Primary syllabus: standards 6, 7: higher primary

    The primary syllabus outlines the curriculum aims, timetable/allocation for each subject, suggested activities, concepts/skills/attitudes, learning outcomes and the resources available. The issue of HIV and AIDS is raised under the 'health education' topic, where they describe HIV and AIDS, its causes, signs and symptoms, mode of transmission, prevention, care and support of infected persons and also its effects and complications.

  4. Geography: Junior Certificate Syllabus

    The Junior Certificate Syllabus integrates environmental issues, population and family life education. Geography and its tools are used to explain the impact of HIV and AIDS on population; specifically, to explain population statistics, structure and variation because of the impact of HIV and AIDS. The syllabus is for 3 forms (A, B and C) corresponding to junior schools grades. It outlines the general, specific and end of level objectives, content (structure, time, marks and questions) and notes for each form. …

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