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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. The impact of HIV and AIDS in Cameroon through 2020

    This booklet was the result of collaboration among staff of the National AIDS Control Committee, Central Technical Group (CNLS/GTC); the USAID Health Policy Initiative, Task Order 1; and the Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS). This booklet was prepared with estimates and projections generated by CNLS/GTC staff, using the AIDS Impact Model.

  2. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in eastern Europe: recent patterns and trends and their implications for policy-making

    This document describes recent patterns and trends in the HIV epidemic in eastern Europe. AIDS programme managers and epidemiologists of 23 countries were contacted and requested to provide national HIV surveillance data. Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS/World Health Organisation country fact sheets were reviewed and analysed, and this information was supplemented with published HIV prevalence and sexually transmitted disease case reporting information, unpublished travel reports and expert evaluations.

  3. El VIH en Costa Rica y la intervención de USAID

    El VIH/SIDA en Costa Rica se extiende más frecuentemente a través de las relaciones sexuales entre hombres. Costa Rica es uno de los pocos países de Centroamérica en los que la transmisión del VIH entre hombres eclipsa la transmisión por relaciones sexuales entre hombres y mujeres. Según los datos estimados por el Ministerio de Salud en 2001:

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