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  1. Revue des interventions d'éducation préventive VIH/SIDA dans le secteur éducatif au Sénégal : rapport final

    This study financed by the UNESCO Regional Office for Education in Africa proceeds with an analysis of the different HIV/AIDS prevention interventions carried out in the school system in Senegal. The study shows that in Senegal, the educational system has become engaged very early in the fight against AIDS. The interventions have been coordinated by the National AIDS and Education Committee (CILS/MEN) which has facilitated the implementation of training and sensitisation activities and the production of didactic materials. At the same time, NGOs became active in this field. Although a lot of progress has been made through these interventions, more could have achieved if interventions within the educational system had been better coordinated: several sub sectors of the educational system have not been targeted.

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