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  1. School-related gender-based violence webinar

    This webinar explored tools and approaches for preventing, measuring, monitoring and responding to school-related gender-based violence, based on evidence and country experience.

  2. Gender education in Tel Aviv

    The Education Committee for Tel Aviv decided to roll out a new educational criteria in the cities schools educating on sexual identity and acknowledging of the homosexual and lesbian groups in an attempt to prevent homophobia. The upcoming school year will begin a pilot of 10 schools, which will include working with consultants, teachers, administrators and with students.

  3. Programa de educación para la sexualidad y construcción de ciudadanía

    Video de descripción general del Programa de Educación para la Sexualidad y Construcción de Ciudadanía, antecedentes y temas generales que abarca (derechos, convivencia, orientación sexual, género, etc.), características e impacto.

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