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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Think about it! An action AIDS programme for schools form 1 teachers book

    Designed for HIV/AIDS education of students in form one in Zimbabwe and accompanied by a students book. It guides the teacher through a wide range of topics ranging from inter-personal relationships to HIV and AIDS. The programme aims to introduce a comprehensive AIDS education programme in schools that will increase students knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS issues and problems, help them in developing positive attitudes to people with HIV/AIDS, to enable students to understand and deal with their own health problems, fears and anxieties wherever possible.

  2. National HIV/AIDS Preventive Education in Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Colleges

    Since the first incident of HIV/AIDS in Kenya was reported in 1984, the Government responded with the sessional paper No.4 of 1997 detailing its policy framework on HIV/AIDS. This has resulted in a five-year national strategic plan on HIV/AIDS control.Consequently, on 25th November 1999, His Excellency the President declared HIV/AIDS a national disaster. …

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