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  1. Development of behaviour change communication (BCC) strategies for preventing adolescent pregnancy. Final project report

    The Department of Health (DOH) embarked on a Project entitled Development of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Strategy for Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy as part of its Adolescent and Youth Health and Development (AYHD) Program. The Project generally aims to contribute to the reduction of adolescent pregnancy through behavior change communication strategies. It specifically seeks to promote positive and responsible sexual behavior among adolescents to enable them to prevent early and unintended adolescent pregnancy and its concomitant consequences. …

  2. HIV/AIDS and education in Eastern and Southern Africa: the leadership challenge and the way forward. Synthesis report

    This document is an executive summary of the synthesis report on HIV/AIDS and education in Eastern and Southern Africa, prepared for the African Development Forum in 2000. The report examines the way HIV/AIDS has impacted on the education sector in Eastern and Southern Africa, it also examines the adjustments the sector has made to the epidemic and the steps it has taken to slow down its transmission.

  3. Debemos enseñar "solo abstinencia" en la educación sexual

    Las escuelas se han convertido en el campo de batalla cultural de la nación. En la lucha por conquistar el corazón, mente - y líbidos - de nuestra juventud, la última contienda incluye la educación sexual. La pregunta no radica en que si la escuela es el lugar apropiado para enseñar educación sexual (en esto todos estamos de acuerdo), más bien es, como abordar el tema.

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