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  1. Gender assessment of the national response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

    The assessment, aimed at understanding gender dynamics critical for successful implementation of HIV and AIDS programmes in Nigeria, is to complement the National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2010-2015. Findings will be used to strengthen and consolidate existing HIV and AIDS control efforts at all levels and contribute to the implementation of the NSP and PCRP (President's Comprehensive Response Plan for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria).

  2. National policy on HIV/AIDS

    The overall goal of the National Policy on HIV/AIDS is to provide a framework for advancing the national multi-sectoral response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria so as to achieve effective control by reducing the rate of the new infections, providing equitable care and support for those infected and affected, and mitigating the impact of the infection, thereby enabling all people in Nigeria to be able to achieve socially and economically productive lives free of the disease et its effects.

  3. HIV/AIDS Emergency Action Plan Nigeria

    The HIV/AIDS Emergency Action Plan detailed here epresents the "Battle Plan" in the fight against HIV/AIDS.The Plan is the product of a consultative participatory process involving all Sectors, States, all tiers of government in all six geo-political zones, and strong partnership with International stakeholders.

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