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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Department of AIDS Control, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Annual Report 2012-13

    This report presents a summary of achievements made under the strategy and plan for National AIDS Control Programme Phase (NACP - IV) during the current financial year (2012-13) along with key impacts, strategies and achievments.

  2. The State of Social and Political Science Research Related to HIV: a Report for the International AIDS Society

    This report contains a review of the state of social and political science research on HIV and AIDS. Its aim was to assess the state of the field so that the International AIDS Society can better encourage and support social and political science research through its activities, particularly its international conferences. The review analyzes the most commonly published types of social and political science research on HIV and invited international experts to consider challenges and opportunities within the field.

  3. A guide to mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into the public sector

    There are four main chapters progressively presented from a contextual and conceptual background to a framework of guidelines to facilitate the process of mainstreaming. Chapter 1 is a discussion of the HIV/AIDS situation, the national response to the epidemic and the links between HIV/AIDS, sectoral and national productivity and household poverty. Chapter 2 presents a conceptual framework for what constitutes mainstreaming in the public sector. …

  4. Plan Operativo Bienal 2007-2008

    A fines del año 2006, el Consejo Presidencial de SIDA (COPRESIDA) como instancia responsable de las Políticas Nacionales en ITS, VIH y SIDA y en conjunto con la sociedad civil con trabajo en esa área, otras instancias gubernamentales y no gubernamentales, con sectores académicos y agencias internacionales desarrolla un proceso de diseño y aprobación de un Plan Estratégico 2007-2015. …

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