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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Monitoring and evaluation strategy and plan. National program on prevention and control of HIV/AIDS/STIs 2006-2010

    The taregted areas for this strategy are: National interdepartmental and multisectorial system able to coordinate the national response to HIV/AIDS epidemic; Level of information among general population, young people aged 15-24 ; Surveillance among general population and most at risk groups; Prevention among most at risk groups (IDUs, CSWs, MSM, prisoners, militaries) ; People living with HIV/AIDS.

  2. Plan estrategico nacional para la prevencion, atencion y control del VIH-SIDA e ITS, 2005-2010

    Para seguir con la respuesta nacional al VIH-SIDA, el Programa Nacional hizo una amplia convocatoria de instituciones y organizaciones relacionadas con esta problemática, a fin de actualizar para los años 2005-2010 el Plan Estratégico Nacional para la Prevención, Atención y Control del VIH-SIDA e ITS existente. …

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