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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Approaches to gender and sexuality: responding to HIV. Report of the findings of a survey amongst Alliance linking organisations

    Gender and sexuality have long been recognised as key factors affecting the dynamics of the HIV epidemic. Issues vary across communities and countries, but power imbalances, harmful social norms, violence and marginalisation affect women, men, girls, boys and transgender people across the world, limiting their ability to prevent HIV infection. There are a growing number of HIV and broader health initiatives that not only highlight gender issues, but also aim to change harmful norms and practices. These are called "gender-transformative" approaches. …

  2. Marco de la IPPF para la Educación Integral en Sexualidad

    El presente documento se ha desarrollado para apoyar el objetivo de la International Planned Parenthood Federation, de aumentar el acceso a una educación integral en sexualidad, orientada a la juventud y sensible al tema de género, y para aprovechar las recomendaciones de una extensa consulta internacional (con la participación del personal de la IPPF, gente joven y organizaciones externas). …

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