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  1. Movie: Into the hands of women

    Fulaas is one of our community based distributors. He’s also a volunteer. This film follows him as he dispenses family planning advice and contraceptives to villagers in Oromo, Ethiopia. Without Fulaas, and others like him, there would be very little access to contraception in rural Ethiopia. Development depends on getting the right supplies - contraceptives, condoms, medicines, and equipment – to the people who need them most. And that depends on our volunteers. They are part of the largest voluntary organization in sexual and reproductive health and rights. …

  2. Personal development. HIV and AIDS and sexual reproductive health. Facilitator's manual

    Since 2007 all pre-service teachers have had a compulsory and comprehensive training course in HIV&AIDS and sexual reproductive health. HIV&AIDS is also a compulsory part of all school and cluster TIPs and every School Learning Improvement Plan (SLIP). This Facilitator's Manual is designed to help school inservice coordinators, cluster facilitators and interested teachers to run participatory training sessions for their colleagues. …

  3. Family planning plus : HIV/AIDS basics for NGOs and family planning program managers: integrating reproductive health and HIV/AIDS for NGOs, FBOs and CBOs, Vol.I

    This curriculum was developed to provide staff of NGOs and the community at large a deeper understanding of the dynamics and effects of the disease, and to sensitize them to the current issues and challenges that PLWHA face. The curriculum covers: modes of transmission, prevention, cultural and social factors that contribute to the spread of the epidemic, the immune system and disease progression and strategies for healthy living and coping with HIV/AIDS. The curriculum was designed to assist trainers in delivering a four-day workshop. The curriculum is divided into seven chapters. …

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