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  1. Género, generaciones y derechos: nuevos enfoques de trabajo con jóvenes. Una caja de herramientas

    El presente documento surge de la experiencia recogida de varios talleres realizados en territorios, realidades y culturas diversas en América Latina y el Caribe, con el propósito de acercar las diversas experiencias en el trabajo en salud sexual y reproductiva con jóvenes y los avances conceptuales en materia de juventud desarrollados desde la academia. …

  2. Gendering prevention practices: a practical guide to working with gender in sexual safety and HIV and AIDS awareness education

    This manual is based on an action research project that explored gender relations in HIV and AIDS education in Estonia. It contains practical resources for educators or trainers seeking to take a gendered approach to HIV and AIDS awareness raising activities with young people. The manual aims at providing some concrete suggestions for activities that can allow and encourage people to enter the debates about gender issues, examine gender systems in their own society and connect the gender issues they identify to key challenges of sexual transmission of HIV and AIDS. …

  3. Gender and AIDS almanac

    The Gender and AIDS Almanac adopts a gender-based approach to the study of HIV/AIDS in order to examine how socially defined gender roles influence HIV/AIDS prevention, transmission, and care. Such an approach can provide insight into the factors that contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS either directly or indirectly. Although this almanac was designed specifically for use by development practitioners and policy makers, it can also be useful to a variety of audiences. …

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