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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. National HIV/AIDS strategic framework 2006-2010 Ghana (NSF II)

    This NSF II is designed to provide an overall planning guide for a vastly expanded effort to deal with the epidemic including improvements to the supporting environment, preventing infections, targeted behaviour change programmes to the general population as well as specific vulnerable groups, treatment, care and support, and combating stigma and discrimination. Seven key intervention areas are identified in NSF II around which comprehensive action plans including budgets will be prepared for implementation. The key intervention areas are organized into chapters. …

  2. National HIV/AIDS and STI policy

    This policy provides the necessary statement of commitment around which a legislative framework will be built for an Expanded Multi-sectoral Response to reduce further spread of the epidemic, and for the protection and support of people infected with HIV/AIDS in Ghana. It is intended to create a favourable environment for all aspects of HIV/AIDS and other STIs prevention, care and support. …

  3. Ghana HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework 2001-2005

    The National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework for Ghana has been formulated in recognition of the developmental relevance of the disease. It is an issue that requires a holistic, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary response to confront it and bring it under control. Ghana, by this document and the bold initiatives therein outlined, has joined the global community in a united effort to combat the epidemic.Over the years, the incidence of HIV/AIDS has increased steadily and has almost reached epidemic proportions in the country. …

  4. Draft national HIV/AIDS and STI policy document

    This HIV/AIDS and STIs policy document provides the necessary statement of policy committment for which a legislative framework shall be built for the protection of people infected with HIV/AIDS and in creating an expanded multi-sectoral response to combat any further spread of the epidemic in Ghana.

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