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  1. Zanzibar national HIV/AIDS strategic plan (2004/05 - 2008/09)

    The main objective of the Zanzibar National Strategic Plan is "to ensure that the HIV epidemicis contained through a multi-sectoral involvement of as many partners and actors as possibleand also focus its attention to priority groups so as to reduce the impact of the epidemic and minimize the spread of HIV transmission to the general population." Vulnerable groups include: workers and people under special circumstances (military, police, special departments including prisoners), sex workers and their clients, substance abusers, mobile traders, clove pickers and social events/gatherings, people …

  2. Tanzania's National Policy on HIV/AIDS

    This National Policy on HIV/AIDS provides the general framework for our collective and individual response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It clearly outlines the pertinent issues in this struggle. …

  3. National and sector HIV/AIDS policies in the member states of the Southern Africa Development Community

    This report is a summary of the existing HIV/AIDS national policies and plans among countries in SADC. It is intended to provide a snapshot of the current status of policy formulation in the region and to suggest future steps to strengthen the policy environment for an effective response to the epidemic. Much of the information in this report is derived from national HIV/AIDS policies, strategic plans, HIV/AIDS policies for specific sectors and work plans. National consultants in each country collected these documents and commented on the final report.

  4. National Multi-Sectoral Strategic Framework on HIV/AIDS 2003-2007

    This national Multi-Sectoral Strategic Framework (NMSF) on HIV/AIDS will translate the National Policy of HIV/AIDS by providing strategic guidance to the planning of programmes, projects and interventions by various stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS. …


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