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  1. Gender equality assessment of provincial HIV, STIs and TB strategic and operational plans in South Africa

    This Gender Equality Assessment of Provincial Strategic Plans and Provincial Operational Plans on HIV, STIs and TB within South Africa assesses provincial HIV, STI and TB responses against the HEARD and ATHENA Framework for Women, Girls and Gender Equality and the UNAIDS Gender Assessment Tool for National HIV Responses. The Assessment identifies the extent to which provincial responses prioritise women, girls and gender equality by including a number of specific, evidence-informed interventions; it furthermore highlights policy and programmatic gaps and challenges within these plans. …

  2. Bilan des réalisations du plan d'action national de lutte contre le SIDA 2011

    Le plan stratégique de lutte contre le SIDA 2007 – 2011 s’exécute à travers des projets diversifiés même si les gaps de financements persistent. …

  3. Lesotho national AIDS spending assessment (NASA) for the period 2005/06-2007/08

    The National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) is a tool designed to track the HIV and AIDS financial flows and actual expenditure at a country level. In essence, this systematic methodology captures all HIV expenditures, namely, health and non-health expenditures such as social mitigation, education, labour, justice and sectors related to HIV and AIDS. …

  4. Review of HIV epidemiology and HIV prevention programmes and resources in Tanzania mainland

    The overall objective of the review was to develop a sound and evidence-based HIV Prevention Strategy for Tanzania mainland as well as a two-year Plan of Action closely linked to the operational plans for the Tanzania national multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework (NMSF). The specific objectives of this task were: 1. To analyze and document the trends and current drivers of the epidemic in Tanzania. 2. …

  5. Agenda national des priorités politiques de réponse au VIH/SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire pour la période 2009-2013

    L'agenda des priorités politiques de réponse au VIH/SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire a pour objectif de créer et de renforcer un cadre de dialogue et de partage national. Le rôle assigné à ce cadre consisterait à appuyer les initiatives des institutions et réseaux de la Côte d'Ivoire impliqués dans la réponse au VIH/SIDA. L'agenda des priorités politiques vise ainsi à relever les défis en matière réponse au VIH/SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire à travers une vision commune des questions complexes et par le jeu de la concertation et de la collaboration. …

  6. Analyse situationnelle des politiques liées au VIH/SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire

    L'analyse situationnelle des politiques liées au VIH/SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire a quatre principaux objectifs: (1) mener une analyse de la situation relative à l'environnement politique actuel des programmes de lutte contre le VIH/SIDA en Côte d'Ivoire ; (2) faire une revue des politiques existant ; (3) identifier les défis dans les politiques, les politiques qui devraient être modifiées, renforcées, élaborées ou changées ; (4) proposer des pistes de solutions en vue d'enrayer les obstacles et améliorer l'environnement politique pour les programmes de VIH/SIDA. …

  7. Joint biennial HIV and AIDS sector review 2008

    This report summarises the Joint Biennial HIV and AIDS Sector Review 2008 for Tanzania Mainland. The main objectives of the report are to share the information presented and the concerns and issues raised in the review deliberations in order to expand the knowledge base informing the national response to the epidemic, disseminate the milestones which will be the basis of implementation of the National Multisectoral Strategic Framework over the next two years, and promote ongoing dialogue.

  8. Gender audit on Tanzania national response to HIV and AIDS: report

    This Gender Audit Report presents findings on the gender dimensions within the national response to HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. It was centred on the existing documents on policies, guidelines, advocacy and monitoring tools that are used in guiding the strategies for multisectoral national response. …

  9. National HIV/AIDS response review 2005-09

    An overview of the response to HIV and AIDS in Nigeria.

  10. Progress towards universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support

    This report intends to highlight progress made by Nigeria towards achievement of the universal targets particularly and the way forward.

  11. National HIV/AIDS policy review report: report of desk review and stakeholders' interaction

    The purpose of the national policy review is to enable the Federal Government and its key partners to address the following: highlight success stories of the Policy implementation as well as challenges encountered while providing priority recommendations; examine the Policy with a view to determine its appropriateness and adequacy in addressing all HIV/AIDS related Policy issues; determine if the Policy requires updating vis-a-vis emerging issues; determine the gender appropriateness of the Policy; address the recurring issues around the inadequate dissemination of the first document.

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