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  1. Technical strategy for prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections

    STIs are important cofactors that facilitate HIV transmission. In countries like Bhutan with low HIV prevalence, a focus on controlling STIs can be an effective strategy for reinforcing prevention and ensuring that conditions remain unfavourable for HIV. STIs are also sensitive markers of sexual transmission. If STI trends are declining, it is likely that prevention programmes are working. If, however, STIs remain high or are increasing, it is likely that prevention programmes are weak, and HIV may also spread rapidly once introduced into the population. …

  2. National strategic plan for the prevention and control of STIs and HIV and AIDS

    The National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of STIs and HIV and AIDS (NSP) is intended to guide the nation's response to the epidemic. It aims to ensure a well coordinated effective and efficient response from the Ministry of Health/National STI and HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Programme and other ministries, organizations and stakeholders. As no single sector can by itself overcome the epidemic, HIV and AIDS should not be viewed as a health problem but as a development crisis. …

  3. National monitoring and evaluation guidelines for STI, HIV and AIDS control activities in Bhutan

    The overall goal of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV/AIDS and STI in Bhutan is to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reversing and halting the spread of HIV and AIDS by 2015. Five priority strategies have been developed: 1. Enhancing the prevention of STI and HIV transmission, 2. Enhancing access to treatment, care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), 3. Creating a supportive environment for women and men living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, 4. …

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