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  1. National strategic plan for a comprehensive and multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS 2006-2010

    The National Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive and Multisectoral Response to HIV/AIDS 2006- 2010, or NSP-II, builds on the first National Strategic Plan and includes specific objectives, strategies, and an operational plan with broad activities of all stakeholders, from government, the private sector and civil society. As part of the Third National Strategic Development Plan for 2006-2010, it will contribute to the joint efforts that respond to HIV/AIDS. The NSP-II has been developed in a participatory manner, through review and revision of the first NSP. …

  2. HIV and AIDS in the education sector in Cambodia: financial procedure manual for strengthening Cambodia's response to HIV and AIDS programme (Fact Sheet: 6)

    This ICHA Fact Sheet (#6) aims at briefly describing the Ministry's financial procedures for strengthening Cambodia's Response to HIVand AIDS Programme. …

  3. HIV and AIDS in the education sector in Cambodia: facts, figures and notes on the national response (Fact Sheet: 1)

    This ICHA Fact Sheet (#1) aims at briefly describing how the Ministry is responding to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The ICHA's main objectives are:Develop policies and systems to increase the Ministry's capacity to respond to HIV/AIDS and reduce its impact on the Education sector,Nation-wide preventive education programme for Cambodian students and out-ofschool youth (approx. …

  4. Cambodia HIV/AIDS strategic plan 2002-2005

    Cambodia HIV/AIDS strategic plan 2002-2005.


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