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  1. Adolescent and Youth Health (AYH) Policy

    The document presents the administrative order of the Secretary of Health, Department of Health (Philippines) that contains guidelines, procedures and implementing mechanism for Adolescent & Youth Health framework to ensure that all adolescents and youth have access to quality comprehensive health care and service in youth friendly environment.

  2. Youth in the Philippines : a review of the youth situation and national policies and programmes

    The monograph contains six chapters: youth development; youth education; youth health; youth employment; youth participation; and conclusions and recommendations. The first chapter on youth development provides an overview of youth participation in national development followed by a review of the national youth policy and programmes. Each of the three chapters on education, health and employment begin with an analysis of policy and followed by a quantitative and a qualitative analysis on youth issues in the relevant area.

  3. Adolescents in India: a profile

    The report presents a situation analysis of adolescents in India, adolescents in the UN system, review of government policies and programmes related to adolescents, NGO activities and programmes on adolescents at a glance.

  4. The state program on the prevention of AIDS, infections transmitted sexually and through injecting way in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2001-2005

    Key strategies and intervention areas of the state program for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections:Improve national policy related to HIV/AIDS/STI problems in the Kyrgyz RepublicEnsure the safe provision of medical proceduresReduce the vulnerability of youthReduce the vulnerability of injecting drug dependentsReduce the vulnerability of commercial sex workers (CSW)Develop an HIV prevention information and education programProvide medical assistance for cases of STIsPrevent prenatal HIV infectionsProvide medical and social support to HIV and AIDS infected patients and …

  5. The national HIV/AIDS strategic framework: an overview

    While Pakistan does not yet have a high number of reported HIV/AIDS cases, a number of vulnerabilities and patterns of risky behaviors signal the need to take action now, before it is too late to make a difference to the course of the epidemic. Toward that end, in 1999 the Ministry of Health's National AIDS Control Programme (NACP), in collaboration with a wide variety of governmental, non-governmental, and donor agencies, undertook the development of a prioritized and expanded National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework for the period 2001-2006. …

  6. The Program on counteracting the AIDS epidemic in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2001-2005

    The Program on counteracting the AIDS epidemic in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2001-2005

  7. Strategic plan of national response to the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic

    Kyrgyzstan is still a country with a low AIDS prevalence rate. This strategic plan outlines priority areas, activity directions and strategies with targeted interventions amongst HIV/AIDS vulnerable population groups.

  8. Strategic Plan of the National AIDS Programme of Bangladesh 1997-2002

    Drafted by a TASK FORCE in April 1997 appointed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and modified subsequently in a finalization workshop in collaboration with National AIDS/STD Programme, Bangladesh in May 2000.This Strategic Plan provides a framework for a national response to AIDS and defines Bangladesh's strategies and priorities for STD/AIDS prevention and care for the next five years (1997 to 2002) in line with National Policy. …

  9. State programme on HIV/AIDS epidemic prevention and its social-economic consequences in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2006-2010

    The State Programme on HIV/AIDS for 2006-2010 anticipates a comprehensive, multisectoral approach to HIV/AIDS prevention aspects and interlinks with other national and state programmes on public health development, and reflects the main trends, strategic goals and objectives of the state policy on HIV/AIDS for 2006-2010. …

  10. Seizing the Opportunity. The 2000-2004 Medium Term Plan for Accelerating the Philippine Response to HIV/AIDS

    This is a national plan indicating how the country's institutions and communities will be informed, encouraged, organized, and mobilized to take local and sectoral actions in order to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS infection and to manage its impact on those already infected and affected. …

  11. Resource Requirements for Cambodia's 2001-2005 HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan

    The following report provides a summary analysis of the resources required to acheive the broad objectives outlined in Cambodia's National Strategic Plan (NSP). This report outlines the costs associated with each strategic objective.

  12. Policy framework for children and AIDS India

    This Policy Framework provides guidance to each ministry for undertaking detailed planning of programme activities in order to scale up interventions. Operational guidelines have been developed to guide such programming and scale up.

  13. Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998

    With the passage of Republic Act 8504 otherwise known as the Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998, the country's response to HIV/AIDS is now strengthened and concretized via the wide spectrum of provisions comprehensively contained in this law. This law also attempts to address major concerns involving various issues on human rights vis-a-vis public health and safety.RA 8504 gains popular recognition as an international ""best practice"" in the field of HIV/AIDS. …

  14. Papua New Guinea national strategic plan on HIV/AIDS 2004-2008

    The overall goal of the National Strategic Plan for Papua New Guinea is: To reduce the HIV prevalence in the general population to below one percent by 2008, improve care for those infected, and minimize the social and economic impact of the epidemic on individuals, families and communities.Goals that pertain to each of the focal areas are:1. Treatment, counselling, care and support: To decrease morbidity and mortality from HIV-related illness, improve the quality of lives of people living with HIV, and encourage access to VCT.2. …

  15. Nepal's national HIV/AIDS strategy

    The overall objective of Nepal's strategy for HIV/AIDS is to contain the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nepal. The vision of the National Strategy is to expand the number of partners involved in the national response and to increase the effectiveness of the response. It will do this by focusing on activities within priority areas thereby optimising prevention and reducing the social impact of HIV/AIDS in the most cost-effective manner.


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