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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. National HIV and AIDS strategic plan 2011-2015: St. Lucia

    The purpose of the St. Lucia National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP) 2010-2015 is to guide the management and implementation of the national AIDS response, highlighting priorities for the allocation of financial and technical resources. The plan builds upon the NSP 2005-2009. It has been developed based on an assessment of the available evidence about the epidemic, the factors that influence the transmission of HIV in the country, and lessons of past implementation experience. …

  2. United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV and AIDS (UNGASS): Country Progress Report Saint Lucia

    Informe UNGASS 2010 de Santa Lucía, que comprende el período de enero 2008 a diciembre 2009. Describe la situación de la epidemia de VIH en ese país y la respuesta nacional, desafíos y acciones correctoras.

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