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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. AIDS and the accumulation and utilization of human capital in Africa

    Education is among the most prominent of the great challenges of development. This paper outlines the likely effects of the AIDS pandemic in Africa on the continent's ability to produce education and use it effectively for growth and poverty reduction. Four channels are explored. First, a supply effect: The deaths of millions of adults, and among them hundreds of thousands of teachers, will bring an increase in Africa's already relatively high fiscal burden of teacher salaries or the need to reduce the educational requirements of teachers. …

  2. Des infirmières face au SIDA : impact de l'épidémie sur les rôles professionnels dans un service de pédiatrie du Burkina Faso

    Les paramédicaux n'échappent pas aux divers aspects de l'épidémie du VIH, ni à son emprise directe sur la population et aux bouleversements du fonctionnement des institutions sanitaires dans lesquelles ils travaillent. …

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