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  1. Eastern and Southern Africa commitment: One year in review - 2013-2014

    In December 2013, ministers of education and health from twenty ESA countries affirmed and endorsed their joint commitment to deliver comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services for young people. The ESA Commitment document was developed based on a Regional Report, “Young People Today: Time to Act Now” which reviewed the trends and status of sexual and reproductive health and HIV among adolescents and young people in the ESA Region including comprehensive sexuality education and service needs. …

  2. Ministerial Commitment on comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health services for adolescents and young people in Eastern and Southern African (ESA)

    On December 7, 2013, ministers and their representatives from 21 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa came together to endorse and adopt the UN commitment for Eastern and Southern Africa with its recommendations for bold action in response to HIV and the education/health challenges experienced by young people. Recognising the urgency of the situation facing young people, education and health ministers have now committed to addressing young people's realities by ramping up sexuality education and health services in their countries.

  3. Plano estratégico nacional para o controlo das infecções de transmissão sexual, VIH e SIDA 2007 a 2010

    Objectivo Geral I - Fortalecer a capacidade da resposta nacional para combater a epidemia do VIH e SIDA. Objectivos Específicos: 1.Fortalecer a Comissão Nacional, as Comissões Provinciais de Luta Contra a SIDA e o Instituto Nacional de Luta contra a SIDA para estender as acções pela esfera política e mobilizar recursos financeiros para combater a epidemia do VIH e SIDA em vários níveis. 2.Mobilizar o Governo, a sociedade civil, as empresas públicas e privadas, com destaque para as petrolíferas e diamantíferas, para uma maior integração do VIH e SIDA em suas intervenções. …

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