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  1. Compendium Afghanistan: National and international commitments on the equal right of all children to quality education in inclusive and child-friendly settings

    This Compendium brings together in one document all the main conventions, declarations, and laws that support the right of all the children of Afghanistan. It is designed to help ensure that all children are able to realise their right to access quality education in schools that are both inclusive and child-friendly. Inclusive and child-friendly education is a developmental approach seeking to address the individual learning needs of all children, with special focus on those children who are vulnerable to marginalisation from and within the education system.

  2. HIV in Prisons: Situation and Needs Assessment Toolkit

    This toolkit aims to provide information and guidance, primarily, to national governments. It is written with low and middle-income countries in mind, but it will also be a useful resource for high-income countries. Its focus is on HIV, but it recognizes that other diseases linked to HIV, in particular hepatitis and tuberculosis, also represent serious problems in prisons. The toolkit is divided into two sections. The first section provides a description of the characteristics of HIV in prisons, prisoners' unique requirements and principles of assessments. …

  3. Toolkit: Scaling up HIV-related legal services

    This toolkit is a practical resource to improve the quality and impact of HIV-related legal services and to expand their availability. The toolkit provides guidance on factors to be taken into account when designing and scaling up an HIV-related legal services program. It also provides guidance about different models and approaches for delivering, monitoring and evaluating HIV-related legal services, and gives information about resource mobilization.

  4. HIV/AIDS and Human Rights: A Resource Guide

    This guide is a part of a complete resource guide on HIV/AIDS, Health and human rights. It's a user-friendly, multi-purpose resource that can be used on a regular basis on the job. The toolkit is a practical reference tool to use in day-to-day work, which contains a lot of thematic sheets. It is a starting point for a wide range of health and human rights programming. …

  5. Compendium: Conventions and Laws Guaranteeing All Children the Equal Right to a Quality Education in an Inclusive Setting, South Asia

    This publication contains information on various topics that will guarantee all children equal rights to education. …

  6. Compendium: Conventions and Laws Guaranteeing All Children the Equal Right to a Quality Education in an Inclusive Setting, Philippine version

    This Compendium has been developed in an effort to increase awareness of legal and moral responsibilities to ensure that all children have equal access to quality education. It is aimed at legislators, government officials, university lecturers, head teachers, teachers, student teachers, parents, education activists, and other key stakeholders. The Compendium contains a collection of short versions and excerpts from relevant conventions, agreements, laws, declarations and recommendations.

  7. Manual para Legisladores sobre VIH/SIDA, Leyes y Derechos Humanos: Acciones de Combate al VIH/SIDA en Vista de su Impacto Devastador en Términos Humanos, Económicos y Sociales

    El propósito de este Manual es servir como referencia a los parlamentarios y a otras autoridades elegidas, para incentivar la elaboración y la promulgación de una legislación efectiva y para llevar a cabo reformas laborales en la lucha contra el SIDA. …

  8. The UNAIDS guide to the United Nations human rights machinery

    Le but de ce guide est d'aider les organisations de services liés au SIDA, les réseaux de personnes vivant avec le VIH/SIDA et autres militants contre le SIDA à avoir accès aux organismes de défense des droits humains des Nations Unies et à jouer un rôle critique pour que le VIH/SIDA en tant que problème de droits humains demeure à l'ordre du jour de ces organismes. En effet, ceux-ci jouent un rôle essentiel pour la protection des droits humains liés au VIH parce qu'ils arrivent à comprendre les questions liées au VIH d'un point de vue des droits humains; à développer et à formuler des standards de droits humains liés au VIH; à contrôler les violations des droits humains liées au VIH et à militer pour le respect de ces normes par l'Etat dans le cadre des conventions appropriées.

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