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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Censo Escolar 2005: Levantamento das ações em DST/Aids, Saúde Sexual e Saúde Reprodutiva e Drogas

    Análisis de la implementación de la política brasileña de Educación en Salud en Brasil. Teniendo como referencia los datos del censo escolar de 2005, particularmente el instrumento "Levantamientode las acciones en Promoción de la Salud y Educación Preventiva", el estudio analiza algunos de los resultados más importantes. La muestra está compuesta por 165.481 escuelas de todo el territorio nacional. …

  2. A participatory handbook for youth drug abuse prevention programmes: a guide for development and improvement

    This drug abuse prevention handbook is designed to help youth groups around the world identify the real issues that concern them and develop programmes to reach their peers. The philosophy behind this document is that, if substance abuse is to be tackled, young people should lead this effort since they know their own needs better than anyone else.

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