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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Exploring health & PE: teacher's guide 3

    Health and Physical Education Teacher’s Guide includes teaching ideas and strategies that can be used to trigger, reinforce and enrich students understanding of the concepts being taught. The book will assist the teachers to implement the Health and Physical Education Syllabus for Key Stage 1. A strong emphasis is laid on developing concepts, skills, values and attitudes. It encourages the teachers to adopt a variety of teaching approaches to facilitate and enhance learning. …

  2. Alimentación y Nutrición en Personas que viven con VIH

    Este manual tiene el objetivo de brindar orientaciones dietéticas a las personas que viven con VIH (PVVIH). En este se relacionan algunos de los aspectos básicos sobre la alimentación sana y también determinadas particularidades sobre la dieta en las PVVIH. …

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