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  1. Making a Significant and Lasting Difference: The National Plan of Action for Orphans, Children Affected by HIV and Other Vulnerable Children in Cambodia, 2008 - 2010

    This National Plan of Action has been developed with broad input from government, civil society, including NGOs and children, and international development partners. It draws on the recommendations and lessons learned from the Situation and Response Assessment and the mapping of OVC impact mitigation services that were developed in the first half of 2007. …

  2. Stratégie et plan d'action en matière de lutte contre le HIV/SIDA 2006-2010

    Le Luxembourg n'a pas de coordinateur national pour le HIV/SIDA. Le comité de surveillance du Sida assure ce rôle et suit ce qui se passe en matière de HIV/SIDA au niveau des différents ministères et de la société civile. Le Ministère de la santé à chargé le Comité de surveillance du SIDA d'élaborer un nouveau plan d'action de lutte contre le HIV/SIDA, axé en premier lieu sur la prévention. …

  3. Kosovar strategy for HIV/AIDS prevention 2004-2008

    The Kosovar Strategy for HIV/AIDS Prevention has been designed as a flexible document to guide the Kosovar multisectorial response to HIV/AIDS from the year 2004 to 2008. Based on a careful analysis of the Kosovar situation and the initiatives in response to HIV/AIDS and through a series of strategic workshops with all stakeholders the following priority areas were defined: A. …

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