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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Adolescents Living with HIV (ALHIV) Toolkit

    This toolkit, created by USAID, AED, and collaborating organizations, provides resources relevant to the treatment, care, and support of adolescents living with HIV worldwide (ALHIV), namely training; treatment literacy and adherence; counseling and disclosure; life skills; prevention and reproductive health; psychosocial support; human rights and advocacy; peer education; adolescent transitioning and research, policy, and promising practices.

  2. Resolución Ministerial No. 1328-2003-SA/DM

    Norma técnica sobre consejeros educadores de pares para personas que viven con el VIH.

  3. Documento técnico: trabajo entre pares y consejería

    Características y ventajas de la consejería (o asesoramiento) entre pares en personas que viven con el VIH o están en riesgo de contraerlo. La consejería entre pares como estrategia de intervención para la prevención del VIH. Dificultades, fortalezas y temas a resolver en la implementación de la educación entre pares. Características del promotor entre pares para la prevención del VIH. Selección, capacitación, complementación, monitoreo y sustentabilidad de los servicios de consejería entre pares.

  4. Toolkit for targeted HIV/AIDS prevention and care in sex work settings

    This toolkit was published in 2005 by the WHO. This toolkit is intended for use by anyone involved in HIV prevention initiatives in sex work settings. The purpose of this toolkit is to make both published and unpublished information more accessible to a wider audience, and so to contribute to global efforts to develop and scale up effective HIV interventions in sex work settings. Most of the items in this toolkit focus on HIV prevention in such settings. Less information is available on treatment, care and support for sex workers living with HIV. …

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