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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Young key populations and young people living with HIV and AIDS in Vietnam

    The aim of the program is to create enabling and empowering environment in the selected countries to enhance the engagement of young key populations in the Global Fund processes at country level, with following specific objectives: (i) To synthesize and generate strategic information in relation to HIV and young people to inform the National Strategic Plan review and Investment Cases; (ii) Ensure youth partners have the skills and knowledge to influence the country dialogue for adequately resourced HIV responses for young people; and (iii) Ensure programmes funded through the NFM targeting you …

  2. Derechos Humanos, infección por Vih y Sida

    Documento que describe los derechos de las personas que viven con VIH y qué cuerpos legales internacionales y de Colombia los resguardan. La política de las Naciones Unidas y de Colombia respecto al tema. Incluye una serie de preguntas y respuestas sobre el tema de derechos humanos, derechos de las personas que viven con VIH, confidencialidad de las pruebas, consentimiento informado e historial clínico.

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