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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. E-discussion - Young people and HIV

    E-discussion questions included: 1.What do you see as the challenges for young people in accessing services such as HIV testing and how can we overcome this? 2.Given that CAFOD’s HIV prevention approach is to give ‘full and accurate information on all forms on the effectiveness and limitations of all means of reducing the risks of HIV infection’ – what challenges does this lead to when working with young people? What HIV prevention work have you or partners done with young people? 3.Where is the best place for young people to access information on HIV and AIDS? …

  2. Vida con VIH/sida

    Guía informativa sobre prevención de VIH, las características y formas de transmisión; la terminología utilizada respecto a este tema; los derechos de las personas que viven con VIH. A través de historias se ejemplifican casos de posible contagio y entrega preguntas para la reflexión. El documento tiene en su parte final una entrevista a una mujer que vive con VIH.

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