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  1. Act, Learn and Teach : Theatre, HIV and AIDS Toolkit for Youth in Africa

    Act, Learn and Teach: Theatre, HIV and AIDS Toolkit for Youth in Africa is a publication resulting from a project collaboration between UNESCO and the CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) edited in 2006. This toolkit and associated material, including the CD-ROM provided, introduce you to Forum Theatre as a tool for HIV and AIDS education. The toolkit has been written with special consideration for youth groups and amateur theatre groups in English-speaking Africa who wish to address HIV- and AIDS-related issues in ways that are creative and engaging. …

  2. Manual de Teatro y VIH/SIDA para México y Centro América

    El manual fue realizado gracias a las aportaciones que ONGs, asociaciones y grupos de teatro que trabajan en prevención de VIH/SIDA en México y Centroamérica realizaron en un taller suregional celebrado los días 21 al 23 de junio de 2005 en Antigua, Guatemala. El objetivo del manual es que jóvenes y grupos de teatro dispongan de un recurso en la sensibilización de la epidemia que permita un cambio de actitudes y comportamientos, ofrezca información real sobre el VIH/SIDA y se reduzca el estigma y la discriminación hacia las personas infectadas y afectadas.

  3. Joli coeur

    A cheerful heart is the adaptation of a play entitled "Beware of appearances" or "appearances can be deceptive" written by the students of Dabout, Côte d'Ivoire. This was done at the initiative of the Dabout AIDS Control Committee. The play was awarded a prize at a competition called "" organized by Médecins du Monde, the Regional Centre for Information and Prevention of AIDS and the AIDS Prevention Association.

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