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  1. HIV/AIDS and educational drama: Resource material for teachers Grades 4 - 12

    Teaching HIV/AIDS related issues are a big challenge to all teachers. Sometimes it is easy, but then there are days when you feel that you do not know what to do next. This book will give you some ideas on how to teach HIV/AIDS related issues. It will not focus on the basic facts only. The aim is to go a little bit deeper with a few HIV/AIDS related issues. For example exploring the issues around having someone in your neighbourhood with HIV/AIDS. If you feel that you would like to have more information about teaching the basic facts of HIV/AIDS, there are lots of books available, e.g. …

  2. A healthy child in a healthy school environment. A look at the CHANGES program in Zambia

    CHANGES worked with the Zambian Ministries of Education, Health (MOH), and Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) to develop the School Health and Nutrition (SHN) component, a first step in the development of a national school health and nutrition policy and the integration of health interventions and education in Zambian schools. …

  3. Guide pédagogique à l'usage de l'enseignant de l'éducation à la vie familiale, en matière de population et au VIH/sida (EVF/EMP/VIH et sida). Enseignement primaire

    Ce guide de l'enseignant de primaire au Cameroun, publié par le ministère de l'Education Nationale en 2006, relève du souci de contribuer par le développement de l'éducation préventive à l'amélioration qualitative de la citoyenneté et au renforcement des capacités nationales. Il s'agit pour l'enseignant, par le biais de cet outil didactique de stimuler la réflexion et l'action de l'apprenant afin de lui faire acquérir un sentiment d'auto-efficacité et des compétences lui permettant à la fois de faire face aux risques liés au VIH/sida et de prendre conscience de ses responsabilités de citoyen. …

  4. A Study of the Education Sector's Response to HIV and AIDS in Ghana

    The Study of the Education Sector Response to HIV and AIDS in Ghana provides a case study of how the challenges of the HIV and AIDS epidemic are being met by the Government of Ghana, through the Education Strategic Plan, which seeks to promote and apply multiple interventions in the formal education system in response to the epidemic and it's impact. The study shows best practices in gathering information and assessing it in order to "know your epidemic". …

  5. I am HIV-Positive

    This document is one of the 'storybooks' in the HIV and AIDS series, developed by the Junior Africa Writers (JAWS). It is designed to provide information and raise key questions about the consequences of HIV and AIDS. The aim of the series is to empower young people, equipping them with the knowledge, attitudes, values and life skills they need to help them make positive choices and resist negative pressures. This booklet is intended for primary school learners (aged 8-12) and can be used as a reader or to help teachers introduce subject matter that is difficult to manage in the classroom. …

  6. Life Skills and HIV/AIDS education: primary school programme. Grade Five: learner's activity book

    The learners' activity book is part of the life skills and HIV/AIDS education: primary school programme. It is to be used as a complement to the themes treated in the "teacher's guide." Pupils are asked to draw, answer basic questions, make short lists or think about situations related to self-awareness, feelings about HIV/AIDS, prevention, risky behaviours, change and so on.

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