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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Judging the epidemic. A judicial handbook on HIV, human rights and the law

    Judging the epidemic has been prepared as a resource to help judges, magistrates, arbitrators and other judicial officers throughout the world adjudicate cases involving HIV-related issues. This handbook may also be used by judicial trainers and ministries of justice to deliver educational programmes to judges and magistrates on legal issues related to HIV and human rights. …

  2. HIV in Prisons: Situation and Needs Assessment Toolkit

    This toolkit aims to provide information and guidance, primarily, to national governments. It is written with low and middle-income countries in mind, but it will also be a useful resource for high-income countries. Its focus is on HIV, but it recognizes that other diseases linked to HIV, in particular hepatitis and tuberculosis, also represent serious problems in prisons. The toolkit is divided into two sections. The first section provides a description of the characteristics of HIV in prisons, prisoners' unique requirements and principles of assessments. …

  3. Guía sobre Prevención de VIH, para personal que Trabaja en Centros Penitenciarios

    Esta guía sobre prevención de VIH para personal que trabaja en Centros Penitenciarios, contiene información técnico-científica y un conjunto de actividades a través de las cuales se busca garantizar una intervención educativa por parte del personal asignado para aplicarla, con una visión de género y no de riesgo, teniendo en cuenta los estilos de vida y limitaciones propias de la dinámica de cada lugar de trabajo. …

  4. A human rights approach to TB: stop TB guidelines for social mobilization

    The document looks at human rights dimensions of issues affecting people's vulnerability to contracting TB and their access to TB care.

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