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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Implementing reproductive health services in an era of health sector reform

    Reproductive health initiatives and health sector reform share the goals of equity and quality. This paper reviews evidence that addresses the question of complimentarily of reproductive health initiatives and sector reform. The issues discusses are: decentralization, integration essential services packages, making better use of existing programme capacity, role of public and private providers, broadening health care financing, and sector-wide assistance programme.

  2. Getting down to Business: expanding the private commercial sector's role in meeting reproductive health needs

    This study examines how developing countries, governments and international donors can stimulate private sector involvement in the reproductive health arena, with a particular emphasis on improving the availability of commodities such as contraceptives, drugs for treatment of Sexual Transmitted Infections, and nutritional supplements. The report aims to help policy makers in both developing and donor countries better understand the crucial role of private business in expanding access to reproductive health care.

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