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  1. Strengthening national responses to HIV and adolescents in emergency situations: lessons learned from Côte d'Ivoire and Haiti

    many years, and a growing number of organizations are including a focus on young people, HIV/ASRH and humanitarian settings into their work. Despite this, however, there is on‐going concern that young people in general, and adolescents in particular (10-19 years) do not receive sufficient ttention in humanitarian settings, and that this has both important immediate implications for their health during the emergencies, and also much longer-term implications for them, their families and their communities. This report aims to respond to these concerns. …

  2. Regional Strategy for the Response to HIV and AIDS 2008-2012 UNHCR, Americas

    La propuesta para este Plan Regional de las Américas es promover y fortalecer las políticas y programas nacionales de respuesta al VIH sida garantizando la inclusión en dicha respuesta de las poblaciones de refugiados/as, desplazados/as internos y otras personas de interés del ACNUR, para el período 2008-2012. Sus objetivos son los siguientes: - Garantizar que los derechos humanos de las personas de interés del ACNUR están protegidos en los programas de prevención del VIH, tratamiento, atención y apoyo. …

  3. HIV and conflict: a double emergency. "Without war, we could fight AIDS"

    In the decade ahead, HIV/AIDS is expected to kill ten times more people than conflict. In conflict situations, children and young people are most at risk from both HIV/AIDS infection and violence. In this report, Save the Children calls on governments, donors and humanitarian agencies to uphold children's rights and to channel resources into preventing what for many young people is already a double emergency.

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