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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Knowledge is our best defence: an HIV/AIDS education resource for Canadian schools: provincial curricula outlines

    This Kindergarten to Grade 12 HIV/AIDS curriculum resource manual will be of use to educators and parents, as well as students. It will give educators access to resources to aid them in the development of HIV/AIDS curriculum for use in their classrooms, or more broadly, in their educational jurisdiction. For parents, it will serve as a resource manual that may be used to lobby their school boards to get them to implement an HIV/AIDS curriculum in their child’s school. …

  2. Health and family life education curriculum for primary schools: Lower, Middle and Upper divisions guides and Resource Guides for Teachers

    This six booklets on Health and family life education (HFLE) are intended to teachers of primary schools. The purpose of these guides is to provide teachers with materials and resources to implement HFLE. These guides build on the foundation of the Regional Curriculum Framework for HLFE, which sets out the HFLE philosophy and standards for teaching and identifies the desired knowledge, skills and behavioral outcomes for students. Unit themes and the content of lessons are responsive to the many health and social challenges in the region, including HIV/AIDS, violence and substance abuse. …

  3. Schools HIV/AIDS resource pack

    This HIV/AIDS resource pack consists of basic information about HIV and AIDS, followed by eight activities for use in the classroom. The pack was produced for teachers as part of a training course to become AIDS awareness educators in their schools. It is intended for teachers although community health workers and educators would be able to adapt the activities for their work. The simple and clear language makes this resource easily accessible to non-specialists. This pack is divided into two sections: 1) Basic information on HIV and AIDS; 2) Classroom activities.

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