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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Sexuality education in Europe. A Reference guide to policies and practices

    This sexuality education reference guide aims to systematically and coherently bring together information on sexuality education policies and programmes across Europe. The guide is divided into three broad sections. The first section gives an overview of the situation in Europe, and analyses the similarities and differences that various countries have experienced in delivering sexuality education, the factors hindering and enhancing provision, and evidence for the effectiveness of comprehensive sexuality education. …

  2. Educación y prevención del SIDA

    Antes las dificultades que, desde el punto de vista de la salud, encuentran las sociedades actuales para combatir eficazmente la pandemia del VIH/SIDA, este artículo pasa revista a la importancia que revisten las representaciones sociales de la enfermedad a la hora de plantearse medidas preventivas eficaces por parte de los sujetos. …

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