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  1. Coming of age in the classroom: religious and cultural barriers to comprehensive sexuality education

    This paper elucidates evidence which underscores anxieties and panic about sexuality and sexual behaviour of young people influenced by movements advancing a distinct religious identity, and the implications for advocacy on advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Synthesised in this document is evidence from two countries - Bangladesh and India - on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), an area of controversy (to varying degree) in both countries. Evidence from each country stem from national studies on the influence of religion on CSE, and are qualitative in nature. …

  2. Religion and sexuality: a report on faith-based responses to children's comprehensive sexuality education and information

    This research on faith-based perspectives on Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Information (CSE & I) seeks to explore the role of African faith-leaders in providing CSE & I, specifically the extent of their current and potential involvement, and how their involvement can be enhanced.

  3. HIV/AIDS in Armenia: a socio-cultural approach

    This publication presents the full-length review of the current situation of the epidemic in Armenia from a socio-cultural perspective.

  4. Influence of religious affiliation and education on HIV knowledge and HIV-related sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in rural central Mozambique

    The interactions among religious affiliation, education, HIV knowledge, and HIV-related sexual behaviors among African church youth are poorly understood. In this sociodemographic study, 522 unmarried youth 12-28 years old in rural central Mozambique were surveyed with a structured questionnaire. Using binary logistic regression analysis, the authors used religious affiliation and education to measure influence on (1) HIV transmission and prevention knowledge and attitudes and (2) HIV-related sexual behaviors among youth. …

  5. Un enfoque cultural de la prevención y la atención del VIH/SIDA en México y Centro América

    El taller que dio origen a este documento surge de esta preocupación. Organizado en el marco del proyecto conjunto UNESCO/ONUSIDA "Un enfoque cultural de la prevención y la atención del VIH/SIDA", este taller fue celebrado en la ciudad de la Antigua, Guatemala, en el mes de mayo de 2004, y reunió a numerosas personas pertenecientes a Asociaciones de la sociedad civil que trabajan con y para personas que viven con el VIH/SIDA. Los organismos internacionales y gubernamentales que acudieron, pudieron recuperar sus conocimientos y escuchar sus demandas e iniciativas

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