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  1. Respect, Protect and Fulfill: Legislating for Women's Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS. Volume One: Sexual and Domestic Violence; Volume Two: Family and Property Issues

    Legislation can be instrumental in impeding or promoting initiatives to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The widespread legal, social, economic and political ramifications of the epidemic make it necessary to review and reform a broad range of laws. Within a context of entrenched gender discrimination, the devastating impacts of HIV/AIDS, widespread poverty and increasing competition for resources such as property and land, legislative solutions to the denial of women's rights are urgently needed. …

  2. Going all-out for human rights and sexual health: aiming for results in Burkina Faso

    Officially launched in January 2004, the German-Burkinabe Sexual Health and Human Rights Programme (PROSAD) was chosen for write-up in the German HIV Practice Collection because, over the years, it has become a uniquely sustained, comprehensive and results-driven effort to protect and empower women, youth and children. It has helped raise their own and public awareness of their human rights, including their sexual and reproductive rights, and has provided them with a range of services and mechanisms that allow them to take advantage of those rights.

  3. Empoderando a las mujeres frente al VIH/SIDA y la violencia. Experiencias latinoamericanas y caribeñas

    Según datos de ONUSIDA se estima que a finales de 2005 había 38,6 millones de personas viviendo con VIH/ Sida en el mundo, de las cuales las mujeres representan cerca de la mitad de estos casos. El 95% de las personas viviendo con VIH/Sida se encuentra en países en desarrollo y el 60% de las personas viviendo con VIH/ Sida en África corresponde a mujeres. Después del África Subsahariana, el Caribe es la segunda zona del mundo más afectada, siendo el Sida la primera causa de muerte en hombres y mujeres entre 15 y 44 años. …

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