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  1. NCB Your Life leaflets: Guides for people with HIV in their teens and early adulthood

    NCB has produced six Your Life leaflets for young people who have HIV and are aged between about 13 and 25. Most of the leaflets include stories from young people living with HIV, and all contain links to other sources of information and support. - Life Looking Forward. The leaflet covers: feeling safe and well, looking after yourself and being a normal young person, getting on with family members, becoming a parent, transition from children's to adults' HIV health services; - Sharing in Life. …

  2. Good Practice Guide: Greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA)

    This guide is one in a series of Good Practice Guides produced by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. It was developed for programme officers and other people who develop or deliver HIV programmes globally, and especially in the global South. It is intended as a reference guide to support your ongoing work. It provides practical information for programme level staff in organisations responding to HIV and helps define good practice for the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV. The guide is organised with these different needs in mind. …

  3. Infecciones de transmisión sexual: Marco de referencia para la prevención, atención y control de las ITS y herramientas para su implementación

    El interés mundial por la prevención del VIH brinda una oportunidad a los trabajadores de salud para que controlen eficazmente otras ITS. En la planificación de los servicios de prevención y atención es importante entender que el VIH y otras ITS a menudo se transmiten de la misma manera y que el tratamiento de las ITS puede reducir la incidencia del VIH. Por lo tanto, existe la oportunidad de abordar ambas por medio de intervenciones de prevención primaria y de integrar estrategias secundarias de control de las ITS en los servicios de salud de primer nivel. …

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