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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Building a future for families and children affected by HIV/AIDS

    This document begins by summarising the health and social problems of children living in a world of HIV/AIDS.The international response to the need of care sysytems for children affected by HIV/AIDS is also described. Other issues such as strategy development and systems design are explored.

  2. Counselling for HIV/AIDS: a key to caring for policy-makers, planners, and implementors of counselling activities

    This volume contains guidance on general policy issues related to HIV/AIDS counselling, with an aim to facilitate the formulation of national policies. The book reflects the evolution of HIV/AIDS counselling as an essential element in the provision of HIV related care, and in promoting safer behaviors among those living with HIV/AIDS.

  3. Humiliza / terre des hommes Switzerland : Manual Psycho-social Support of Children Affected by AIDS

    This manual is aimed at providing some guidance in the area of psychosocial support of Children Affected by AIDS. This is in realisation of the fact that this is a major and often neglected aspect in the fight against the pandemic.

  4. Manual of Group Interview Techniques to Assess the Need of People with AIDS

    This is a manual of group interview techniques used to assess the needs of people living with AIDS. It discusses the advantages of group rather than individual interview techniques. Some of the advantages are: they are relatively inexpensive; they are faster; and can include a more varied range of personnel. This manual is written primarily for personnel at the district level who manage AIDS prevention and care programmes. It focuses on gathering information about the content and quality of care that people with AIDS receive. …


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