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  1. Sex Between Men in Your City. A situational analysis of community rsponses to sexual health and HIV among men who have sex with men and transgender populations in six metrepolitan cities in developed Asia

    While developed countries in Asia are experiencing a low-level HIV epidemic prevalence is much higher in specific populations such as men who have sex with men, sex workers, and people who use drugs. Many MSM and transgender people report discrimination which limits their access to health services and many other areas such as education, employment and legal services. …

  2. Regional legal reference resource. Protective laws related to HIV, men who have sex with men and transgender people in South Asia. Promoting a legal enabling environment and strengthening the legal response to HIV

    This Reference Resource documents key protective laws focused on HIV, men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people in five countries in South Asia. The two primary objectives of the Reference Resource are to: 1. build the capacity of legal professionals to analyze protective laws (focusing on people living with HIV, MSM and transgender people); and 2. develop a resource to support legislative drafting, law reform and advocacy initiatives.

  3. Human rights considerations in addressing HIV among men who have sex with men. Technical brief

    This AIDSTAR-One technical brief provides a systematic global review and synthesis of practical approaches, program examples, and resources to support human rights as a core element of HIV programming for MSM. The brief complements and is aligned with other global and regional publications that have relevance to human rights, health programming, HIV, and MSM. This document gives an overview of U.S. …

  4. Ignorance Only - HIV/AIDS, Human rights and Federally funded Abstinence-only programs in the United States. Texas: A Case Study

    There is no vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS, and the best treatment does not constitute a cure. U.S. government institutions responsible for setting public health standards have therefore repeatedly and strongly urged that providing complete and accurate information to adolescents about HIV/AIDS prevention, including the proper use of condoms as a means to reduce the risk of HIV transmission, be an important part of the government's prevention efforts. …

  5. Legal Environments, Human Rights and HIV Responses among Men who have Sex with Men and transgender People in Asia and the Pacific: An Agenda for Action

    The Asia Pacific region is truly at a critical moment in its response to HIV. One of the biggest and most immediate challenges is confronting the rapidly rising rates of infection among men who have sex with men and transgender people. This in a region already mired in long-running challenges from legal and social barriers that inhibit effective programming and resource allocation, and from deep-rooted stigma in health care settings. Urgent action is required. …

  6. Guía de incidencia política en VIH/SIDA: hombres gay y otros hsh

    Eláobjetivo central de este documento es proporcionar a hombres gays y otros hombres que tienen sexo con hombres, los lineamientos básicos sobre cómo incidir políticamente (es decir, hacer advocacy) en los programas de prevención y tratamiento de ITS/VIH/SIDA. La presente guía comienza con una revisión del panorama de la epidemiología del vih/sida en América Latina y el Caribe elaborada por José Antonio Izazola. A partir de ahí, intenta trazar el surgimiento de la incidencia política como una estrategia válida para la conquista de los derechos de los HSH. …

  7. Diagnóstico Nacional de Recursos en VIH y Sida y Derechos Humanos para la Diversidad Sexual

    Evaluación de la respuesta nacional de Guatemala al VIH/SIDA en relación a hombres que tienen sexo con hombres (HSH). Se destacan los problemas de cobertura y marginación de este grupo. Se analiza tanto la respuesta del Estado como de la sociedad civil. El trabajo está hecho en base a entrevistas a grupos y organizaciones de HSH.

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