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  1. Summary of the National behavioural change strategy for preventing sexual transmission of HIV

    In Zimbabwe HIV is mostly transmitted through sexual contact. It is estimated that around 4 in 5 HIV infections in Zimbabwe are due to sexual transmission. HIV is now also found in all groups of people in the population, implying that all sexually active people are at risk of contracting HIV. Hence, promoting safe sexual behaviours has to be at the heart of HIV prevention in all communities of Zimbabwe. This strategy offers guidance on what actions can be taken to promote and sustain safe sexual behaviours.

  2. Zimbabwe national HIV and AIDS strategic plan (ZNASP) 2006-2010

    The ZNASP 2006-2010 is divided into 5 sections: Section 1 provides the background to the ZNASP and describes the strategic planning process that gave birth to the national strategy. Section 2 describes the HIV and AIDS situation in Zimbabwe, the national response and the challenges. Section 3 outlines the eight guiding principles that underpin the ZNASP. Section 4 describes the four agreed strategies for the National Response in the next five years. …

  3. National policy on HIV/AIDS for the Republic of Zimbabwe

    National policy on HIV/AIDS for the Republic of Zimbabwe

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