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  1. Caribbean cooperation in health phase III (CCH III). Regional health framework 2010-2015

    The goal of the Caribbean Cooperation in Health is to improve health and wellbeing, develop the productive potential of the people, and the competitive advantage of the region. This framework is a response to the commitments made by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government in regional and international declarations and policy guidelines. This framework represents a comprehensive helath and development strategy for the region.

  2. HIV/AIDS behaviour change communication: Strategy for Guyana 2006-2010

    This National behaviour change communication (BCC) Strategy for HIV/AIDS for Guyana has been developed at the request of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Government of Guyana (GOG). …

  3. 2004-2009 The Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention Project, GHARP

    This report outlines the major activities and achievements of the Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention (GHARP) Project (2004-09). …

  4. The Guyana national HIV prevention principles, standards and guidelines

    In Guyana, the National AIDS Programme Secretariat of the Ministry of Health (NAPS/MOH) is the national HIV coordinating authority that leads the way in strengthening the national HIV prevention response, whilst ensuring that those most vulnerable to HIV infection and those living with HIV are meaningfully involved in this response. As indicated by the Minister of Health, good quality HIV prevention standards are necessary for building an HIV prevention infrastructure. …

  5. National monitoring and evaluation plan for the multi-sectoral response to HIV/AIDS in Guyana

    The specific purpose of the National M&E Plan include the following: To promote the importance of routine monitoring and systematic data collection to better inform decision making in the further planning of HIV-related activities; To better understand program trends and impacts as they relate to the National Strategic Plan; To secure future funding for HIV interventions by successfully meeting reporting requirements of partners.

  6. Revised national policy document on HIV/AIDS in Guyana

    The first case of AIDS in Guyana was reported in 1987 and up to the end of 2004, a cumulative total of three thousand, three hundred and fifty-four (3,354) cases were recorded. Of these, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-one (1,991) were males; one thousand two hundred and fifty-eight (1,258) were females while one hundred and five (105) cases were of unknown /unrecorded sex. An estimated eighty-one (81%) percent of cases occur in persons between the ages 20-49, with the most affected age group being those in the 25-29 age grouping. …

  7. National Strategic Plan For HIV/AIDS 2002-2006

    This document is the result of a review of implementation of the National AIDS Programme Strategic Plan 1999-2001, together with the input of a wide cross section of Government Ministry Officials, NGOs, legal profession, Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs), religious organisations, UN and other international and bilateral agencies. The 1999-2001 strategic plan was comprehensive, but suffered from an insufficiency of resources, human, technological and financial, for its execution. …

  8. Guyana national HIV/AIDS strategy 2007-2011

    The National Strategic Plan 2007-2011 seeks to harmonise and align the resources and responses of all its partners to ensure that they meet Guyana's National Priorities. It is intended to strategically guide the future direction of Guyana's National HIV/AIDS Response since it outlines the basic approaches, principles, strategic priorities, objectives and strategic activities. …

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