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  1. Case study: Costa Rica’s school child and adolescent food and nutrition programme

    ... Montenegro, Maria Elena Costa Rica’s School Child and Adolescent Food and Nutrition Programme (PANEA) is an example of a ... nutrition education in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. Case study: Costa Rica’s school child and adolescent food and ...

  2. Sensitive to nutrition? A literature review of school feeding effects in the child development lifecycle

    ... to provide an up-to-date literature review on school feeding and the potential impact on nutrition, including school age children, pre-school and adolescent girls. The ...

  3. Global overview of school health services: data from 102 countries

    ... was to produce a global inventory of school health services and describe characteristics such as target group, providers, staffing level, ... sexual and reproductive health education, vision screening, nutrition screening, and nutrition health education. Conclusions: Important ...

  4. A whole school approach to a healthy lifestyle: healthy eating and physical activity policy

    ... Whole School Approach to Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy aims to: - Give high priority to healthy eating ... provision for a flexible curriculum which highlights health, nutrition, food safety and hygiene and food preparation, which promotes ...

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