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  1. Teachers’ handbook for inclusive school health and nutrition

    ... is intended as a teacher’s handbook for understanding and delivering integrated school health and nutrition (SHN) interventions. The ... as individual modules with guidelines on implementation in schools. This includes the tools and materials with which to engage students in ...

  2. School health for all: an operational manual for integrating inclusive school health and nutrition

    ... James This manual provides practical principles and activities for planning and implementing vision screening and deworming in ... Ministry of Education staff who work with school health and nutrition programs. Part 3: For technical counterparts, such as health experts, ...

  3. Inclusive school health and nutrition programmes: a roadmap for mainstreaming disability into the FRESH agenda

    ... for achieving equity. Inclusive approaches to education and health are required to ensure equal rights and opportunities, personal ... the implementation of comprehensive school health and nutrition programmes (SHNP) that are inclusive of children with disabilities. ...

  4. Zimbabwe school health policy

    ... the welfare of learners in the school system, such as health and nutrition,education services, water, sanitation and hygiene, needs of learners ...

  5. National school health strategy implementation plan 2011-2015

    ... school health strategic implementation plan aims to identify and mainstream key health interventions for improved school health and education. The strategy comprises eight thematic areas; these are: Values ... and rehabilitation, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Nutrition, Disease prevention and control and School infrastructure and ...

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