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  1. National school health strategic plan 2013/14-2017/18

    ... health strategic plan is to provide a detailed roadmap and framework for the effective implementation of the school health policy. The ... for inter-sectoral coordination of the education, health, nutrition, sanitation, and child protection sectors. The purpose of the ...

  2. School health for all: an operational manual for integrating inclusive school health and nutrition

    ... James This manual provides practical principles and activities for planning and implementing vision screening and deworming in ... Ministry of Education staff who work with school health and nutrition programs. Part 3: For technical counterparts, such as health experts, ...

  3. Rapid situation analysis of the education sector's response to HIV and AIDS in the context of school health and nutrition in Guyana

    ... as a tripartite activity of UNESCO, the World Bank, and the Partnership for Child Development for the Guyana Ministry of Education. ... to enable the development of a comprehensive school health, nutrition, and HIV (SHN & HIV) education sector response for incorporation ...

  4. National school health strategy implementation plan 2011-2015

    ... school health strategic implementation plan aims to identify and mainstream key health interventions for improved school health and education. The strategy comprises eight thematic areas; these are: Values ... and rehabilitation, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Nutrition, Disease prevention and control and School infrastructure and ...

  5. FRESH Tools for Effective School Health

    ... This document is intended to help individuals advocate for and implement HIV/AIDS/STI prevention through schools. Clearly showing that HIV prevention programmes are effective in ...

  6. School Health Integrated Programming (SHIP) Extension: final report, May 18, 2018

    This report focuses on the implementation and outcomes of the second phase of the School Health Integrated Programming ... foundation by which countries have the awareness, capacity, and operational and technical resources to include school health and nutrition (SHN) into their education sector plans. The second phase of SHIP ...

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