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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Teachers’ handbook for inclusive school health and nutrition

    ... is intended as a teacher’s handbook for understanding and delivering integrated school health and nutrition (SHN) interventions. The ... as individual modules with guidelines on implementation in schools. This includes the tools and materials with which to engage students in ...

  2. Global mapping of initiatives in school health and nutrition, with emphasis on health education

    ... This mapping of global initiatives in school health and nutrition, together with the available programme guidance on health, hygiene ...

  3. Zimbabwe school health policy

    ... the welfare of learners in the school system, such as health and nutrition,education services, water, sanitation and hygiene, needs of learners ...

  4. Training of trainers manual on school health

    ... Module 1 Comprehensive School Health Programme; Module 2 Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle; Module 3 Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being; ...

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