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  1. Case study: Costa Rica’s school child and adolescent food and nutrition programme

    ... Montenegro, Maria Elena Costa Rica’s School Child and Adolescent Food and Nutrition Programme (PANEA) is an example of a ... nutrition education in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. Case study: Costa Rica’s school child and adolescent food and ...

  2. Re-imagining school health in education and health programmes: A study across selected municipal schools in Delhi

    ... context. Such programmes must address health, nutrition and education in a comprehensive manner. The article details findings and ... emerging from a qualitative study conducted in municipal schools in Delhi, located in contexts of poverty. The study identifies areas ...

  3. Creating a caring school: a guide for school management teams with accompanying toolkit

    ... Management Teams is intended to assist school leadership and management to better understand and address the socio-economic context of ... and Toolkit, these include, the strengthening of school nutrition programmes and the implementation of aftercare and counselling ...

  4. Children’s multidimensional health and medium-run cognitive skills in low- and middle-income countries

    ... health on their education in later life stages in low- and middle-income countries. Using three rounds from the rich panel data of the ... countries, too; (2) to assess whether additional health and nutrition indicators, rarely available or used in the existing literature, are ...

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