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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

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  1. Report On National Workshop on School Health and Nutrition Strategy - Effective Implementation, 18th-19th September 2008, Kathamandu, Nepal

    ... uniform approach to agencies working in the field of health and nutrition of school children. Even after the formation of National SHN ...

  2. FRESH Tools for Effective School Health

    ... This document is intended to help individuals advocate for and implement HIV/AIDS/STI prevention through schools. Clearly showing that HIV prevention programmes are effective in ...

  3. Poverty alleviation and integrated service delivery: Literacy, early child development and health

    ... paper proposes to look at needs within an MDG perspective, and to use multi-pronged and integrated approaches to intervene in sectors ... early child development (ECD), as well as health and nutrition interventions, could help to break a cycle of poverty that is ...

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