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  1. Nutrition standards for school meals

    ... operated directly by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. The Scheme provides funding to primary and post-primary schools, local groups, voluntary organisations and community-based ...

  2. Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Scotland Act: health promotion guidance for local authorities and schools

    ... This guidance has been devised to support local authorities and schools, and managers of grant-aided schools, in working with partner agencies ...

  3. Healthy eating in schools: a guide to implementing the nutritional requirements for food and drink in schools (Scotland) regulations 2008

    ... Ministers the power to set nutritional requirements for food and drinks in schools by Regulations. This guidance is intended to help those who are ...

  4. Eating and learning togther: recommendations for school meals

    School meals are the highlight of the school day, and support learning, school satisfaction, food competence and development of ... free of charge in pre-primary education and comprehensive schools. The national comparison data system for health promotion measures ...

  5. FRESH Tools for Effective School Health

    ... This document is intended to help individuals advocate for and implement HIV/AIDS/STI prevention through schools. Clearly showing that HIV prevention programmes are effective in ...

  6. A whole school approach to a healthy lifestyle: healthy eating and physical activity policy

    ... Whole School Approach to Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy aims to: - Give high priority to healthy eating ... provision for a flexible curriculum which highlights health, nutrition, food safety and hygiene and food preparation, which promotes ...

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